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Wanna subscribe to Uppercase… well you are in luck! Janine gave the Modern Sewciety listeners a discount code for $15 off a subscription! Isn’t that awesome!!! Use the code “modernsewciety” when purchasing your subscription to get the discount.

3 thoughts on “MS episode 086:: Janine Vangool of Uppercase Magazine

  1. Hi Stephanie. I’m a retired (young) teacher with a 16 year old who just learned to drive so…. anyway, sewing, quilting is my creative outlet. I live in Denver. I just bought the mag. that features YOU! Congrats. It was great (except hard to access all the English stores and outlets). Inside it also was a booklet about medallions and borders which I’ve used. Your pix was good plus the quilt looked very pretty. Tomorrow I drive to Lincoln, NE to go to the International Quilt museum which is on the Univ. of NEbraska campus so I’m very excited about that and then I’ll continue to Des MOines, IA to see my folks and family. A little alone time with some books on tape and take sewing projects in case I get a chance while I’m at my mom and dad’s. I’ve sewn (with my mom teaching me) since I was 11, lots of garments and some blue ribbons at the Iowa state Fair. My sister’s high school friend Lenny lived with Patrick Lose (a designer) and also Marianne Fons (Fon’s and Porter) was my English Professor at Drake University. One day her day care lady was sick so she brought her baby to class (1979) and I took care of the baby during that class. My grandmother’s both sewed and my sister also… I enjoyed making Easter dresses for me, my mom and sis. Anyway, I’ve listened to you for about a year since I don’t work full time and I enjoy your cute accent plus your very professional interviews (no giggling and inside jokes with people that we don’t understand). I tried the voicemail but don’t think my computer has microphone hook up. Anyway, keep up the good work girl. Amy

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