IMG_4310Hi! My name is Stephanie. I started really seriously sewing when I had my first child in 2007. I was a stay at home mom and wanted to learn to sew. I grew up watching my mom and grandma sew. They were always making clothes and quilts, some of which I still have and cherish today. I wanted my daughter to have these things as well. I purchased my first sewing machine and went to work. I started out making clothes, quilts, and bags and really just had fun with it. I didn’t know any rules so I just did the best that I could. Sometimes things turned out great, and other times some were a flop. I was learning a new skill and quickly falling in love.

::random facts about me::

I love telling stories about sewing, fabric, quilting, business, and marketing

I don’t watch a lot of tv, but when I do, it is Downton Abbey, Project Runway, Top Chef, Suits, and Covert Affairs. I often think I could be a good spy with a sexy sidekick, of course.

I don’t like mint – to eat, smell, use, anything. Weird I know. I do love to garden and cook, though, just not with mint.

I love to organize my fabric by color unless I have a full fabric line from a favorite designer because they get their own stack.

I have my BA in Business and an MA in Guidance and Counseling. I like to think that the podcast is where I am flexing my counseling background in some way. It makes me feel like I am using my degrees in some positive way.

I grew up and still live in North Florida. I love living in the South and when the temperature is under 70 degrees I am officially freezing cold. My Southern blood can’t handle the cold well.

My favorite color is green but I really like all of the colors.

I don’t like for anyone to call me Steph unless we are super good friends.

profile images taken by http://www.melodycoarseyphotography.com