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MS episode 046:: Windham fabric designers Lotta Jansdotter & Heather Tate



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MS episode 045b-side:: the wonky, seam ripped side of ModSew with Chris, The Tattooed Quilter



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improv blocks

the paper plane block on Craftsy Chris chatted about

MS episode 045:: Kimberly from Fat Quarter Shop & Karen from Blueberry Park


ep45 NEW (revised)

SnapShots Quilt-a-long kit with Daysail from Bonnie and Camille


Jolly Bars – the new and exclusive precut by Moda for the Fat Quarter Shop

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MS episode 044b-side:: the wonky seam ripped side of modsew with Chris, The Tattooed Quilter



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We need some #heathergrey fabric… I mean don’t we all want that color in our sewing projects! Just saying’

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MS episode 044:: Libs Elliott, Girl Charlee fabrics, & Quiltcon week 4

art044 NEW


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 Modern Quilter Libs Elliott’s website:

Processing website:

Here’s one for Joshua’s Skillshare class:
And where you can purchase a pdf of the Rebel Quilt pattern:
If you want to volunteer and get more involved at Quiltcon::

ModSew:: Malka Dubrawsky’s Creative Live class Oct. 8 & 9

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 9.32.00 AM

See that lady up there… well that is the uber talented Malka Dubrawsky from A Stitch in Dye. I think she inspires me beyond words with her use of color and how she take improv to a whole new level of awesomeness. I mean she just has a style that makes you smile but it also invites you in to learn more. I know every time I visit her website I am always wanting to know more. Well good news for you all because she will have a Creative Live class on Oct. 8 & 9th called 10 ways to Love Improvisational Quilting that is free while it is aired live. Or you can can purchase the class to watch whenever you want. Cool huh?

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 9.34.51 AM

So what is Creative Live you ask? It is an education site that offers free online classes in craft, photography, design, music, and business. All of their classes are free when aired live so anyone, anywhere in the world can tune in and watch. People can purchase classes for anytime access. 

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 9.31.45 AM

So you can RSVP to the class which is always good because then you will be reminded of it as it nears which is always good for me. I need reminders just sayin’! Go RSVP to Malka’s class 10 Ways to Love Improvisational Quilting because I know you will love it and Malka! Heck you might even find more Creative Live classes that you want to take as well!

Ten Ways to Love Improvisational Quilting Blog Tour
9/30 – Modern Sewciety

Want to know more about Malka and her process? Go check out episode 035 of the Modern Sewciety Podcast because we chatted all about her awesomeness!

I want to know what you think about Improvisational Quilting? I happen to love it but I wonder what you guys think about letting go sometimes and just creating!

MS episode 043b-side:: the wonky, seam ripped side of modsew with Chris, The Tattooed Quilter



Portlandia that Chris chatted about::




#boonesfarm #zima #smirnoffice



ModSew:: Heather Ross patchwork Noodlehead poolside tote


Creating is one of those things that I crave lately. I don’t know if it is because I seem to be at the computer more or what… okay that is so it. I love to pull fabric but I am a girl that sticks to lines together more than scrappy but I think with Heather Ross anything goes. I think all of her fabrics are so her and they all play well together. And I had a lot of scraps that I really wanted to use up because why hoard them? Duh because they are awesome to pet every once in a while but I shouldn’t admit that.


If I want to make a bag there is ONE name that comes to mind always – NOODLEHEAD! Seriously Anna is a genius and all of her patterns just make sense to me. I think she is such a sweet person as well so that defiantly helps and well my bestest sewing buddy, Chen, is her biggest fan! Okay she is totally a #fangirl!


I love that this bag is big enough that I can use it for a lot of purposes! I even made a second one for a friend who is expecting because it would be a great mom bag! I also like that I kinda just used every scrap I had to make the QAYG style front work. I am not by any means a perfectionist so there are some pieces just sewn on the front. Some are patchwork. I just love it.



I find that so often I don’t like using fabrics I love to much because what if I use them in a project I don’t end up liking. I guess I just knew that Heather Ross fabrics and a Noodlehead pattern were just not going to be a bad idea but it doesn’t always end up with such a happy ending. Sometimes I regret it but this time I think the end result was something amazing.


And let me be super honest. I really love when people walk in and see it and can’t believe I could make something like that. I think that is the cool thing about sewing… it kinda blows the socks off of some people. I don’t get to have that affect too much on people so I kinda like my quiet sneak attack of my handmade items. Right? Do you feel that way too sometimes?

MS episode 043:: Melly Sews & Quiltcon week 3



The podcast to hear the stories of the sewing and creating community.

Andrew’s flickr group with last year’s Quiltcon pictures – Jen’s website

MS episode 042 b-side:: the wonky, seam ripped side of modsew with Chris, The Tattooed Quilter



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The Sew Mama Sew Survey we chatted about