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Featured Blogger:: Alison Glass’s Clover Sunshine

Today we are going to talk about Alison’s line Clover Sunshine. I really love the story behind this line. I love that she sat her daughter down and asked her what her favorite things were. She also put the sunshine part in because her mom always sang you are my sunshine to her. I just… Read More

Featured blogger:: Alison Glass – Sun Print

Have you ever looked at a line of fabric and thought WOW this is ah maz ing?!?!? I think we all did that with Sun Print from Alison. She really had us at Bike Path but man to put all of those other basics with it was great for every one of us that loves… Read More

Featured Blogger:: Alison Glass

  So I have the new podcast episode up on the podcast page. I hope you can tune in to hear the chat I had with Alison Glass. I am pretty sure Alison is the most genuine person I have ever met but well not met, in person that is. She has been nice to… Read More