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east meets west quilt book

I love improv quilting and when I saw Patricia Belyea’s new book, East Meets West Quilts, I was intrigued. I couldn’t stop looking at the colors of the fabrics, the quilting, and the binding. I know binding isn’t usually something I get excited about but I really loved how Patricia showed the purpose and beauty of a faced binding. I really want to try that technique out and that says a lot because I don’t hand bind very often.

I was also struck by her hand quilting designs. I have never looked at hand quilting as a doable thing for a big project but her designs were large. It was striking and beautiful.

The fabrics are beautiful but not my standard go to. I think it would be fun to try a project with them to experience a different type of creative exercise. But I loved the projects in the book. She did an amazing job on this book. It is beautifully written and photographed.

Also she curated a custom Japanese inspired set of colors of Aurifil thread. These colors are amazing and so vibrant. I can’t wait to sew with them and that is a lot for a girl who likes sewing with neutral colors. This set is just beautiful.

east meets west quilts review

So let’s have a little giveaway so you can check out Patricia’s book, a yard of vintage Yukata cotton, and a set of Japanese inspired Aurifil threads. Sounds awesome huh?! All you have to do is answer this question…

Do you ever make improv quilts?

Details of Giveaway:: Answer the above question in the comments – making sure to include your email address in your comment. I need to be able to contact the winner:)  A random winner will be chosen from the comments.  The three products have a retail value of $94 USD.  The giveaway is limited to residents of the US or Canada. Giveaway ends November 1, 2017 at 12 pm EST.

Diane aka Blue Bear is the winner. An email has been sent.

NOTE:: I was sent Patricia’s book, fabric, and thread set to review. All opinions of the book, thread set, and fabric are my own I promise.

74 thoughts on “East Meets West Quilts – Book Review and Giveaway

  1. Yes, I do love making improve quilts! It is my favorite technique. I have made several different projects using improv ranging from a mug rug to a wall hanging to a table runner and my largest was a baby quilt! I love them all and am always inspired by new ways to incorporate improv into my sewing! duchick at gmail dot com

  2. I am a beginner and have not made an improv quilt intentionally, but some of my quilts look that may have been the intention.

  3. I am going to my first improv class tomorrow through the Northampton Modern Quilt Guild->Improv Paper Piecing. Hopefully I will take to it like a duck to water!

    Love your podcast-I have listened to every single one. You are very kind and encouraging and supportive and ask interesting questions.

  4. I’m trying to work toward one. I’m so type A. I’ve seen some beautiful ones lately and have been inspired. I stopped into a quilt shop while on vacation and got a deal on scraps. All you could fit into a huge bag for $8! I can’t wait to get home. I miss my sewing machine.

  5. I love to make improv quilts. I do it mostly for myself or our household, as they are so personal in taste, I think. What I enjoy about them the most is that I can continue to be creative throughout the process of making the quilt rather than only when I am planning the quilt and pulling the fabric and then at the very end when I’m doing the machine quilting; with improv, there are constant creative choices.

  6. I have never made an improv quilt. I tend to go for more structure. But as I age, I’m trying new techniques and working out of my comfort level. My email

  7. Improv quilts are my favorite kind to make! I have made a few in a few different ways/ techniques and I have so many more ideas to try. Improv quilts speak to me like no other! Julee

  8. I’m moving towards improv quilting, as a scrap Quilter i’m Sure my quilts must look like improv sometimes. So in a way I’m a quilter in progress. Thank you for the generous winning packages.

  9. I’ve made just a few of what I would call “improv” quilts, but this book looks amazing, and I’d like to give it a try with some yukata fabrics, which I’ve admired from afar for many years. My son is a lover of all things Japanese and he would love it if I made him a quilt of Japanese fabrics.

  10. Yes I have made an improv quilt, an very much like the process. You need to keep thinking and auditioning through out the quilt so it holds my attention.

  11. I like to do improv quilting with scraps but I haven’t made a whole improv quilt before! Love the podcast, Stephanie! You are so bright and cheery. 🙂

  12. I do make improv quilts. It is so much fun to grab two or three pieces of fabric that I like and just “go for it”. I often choose a style (eg curved piecing or wonky log cabins etc). I have one piece of Patricia’s yummy fabric that I have put aside for just this purpose. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  13. I have not made an improv quilt yet. I’ve tried making some blocks but just couldn’t “get it”. This book looks amazing and I love the yukata fabric. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. I love to play with improv especially as a creative “let it go” practice, as I usually like to design and plan out everything in a quilt ahead of time, including fabric placement.

  15. I have experimented with improv techniques but never made an entirely improv quilt. I would love to learn and give this a try. From the photos shown from the book I am so intrigued with Patricia’s designs.

  16. I like improv: the quilt on my bed, the very first I ever made (!), is improv front & back 🙂 I especially like it when combined with lots of negative space so I can go to town on the quilting, my favourite part! Nbrisse at gmail dot com

  17. I have not made an improve quilt, but I love this fabric and can learn. Thanks for the chance to win. susanki at gmail dot com.

  18. Thank you for this generous giveaway Stephanie! About every third quilt I make is improv – an attempt to use up the scraps from the previous quilts. Sometimes I love the results, and sometimes not so much. But our local First Responders are happy with any quilt donation, so nothing is ever a wasted effort. pk_sews at yahoo dot com.

  19. When making any blocks using flip and sew corners I sew an extra line of stitching about a half inch away from the diagonal and save the mini HST’s. From one collection of these I made four tree-of-life blocks for a mini quilt!

  20. I have not made an improv quilt but this book looks very interesting and I would love to try. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  21. I’ve made a few improv quilts and it is such a “freeing” feeling for me. Usually I don’t make quilts from patterns, per se, but I like to take my inspiration from vintage/antique quilts and put my spin on the quilt. These quilts are more “constricted” to some type of grid so making an improv quilt every so often feels really good.


  22. I have once made an improve quilt for a birthday, it was a little quilt but I love it and my sister-in-law too 😉 Thanks for a chance to win

  23. I took small steps and started with improv blocks- maybe they’ll make it into a larger quilt that I can hand-quilt (I like the thought of that!) kelleyfewer(at)yahoo.(dot)ca

  24. I made one once! I liked it but I like the structure of patterns, so any other improv still means I’m using quilt blocks and mushing them together. That said I’ve been kind of stuck creatively, so this might be the nudge I need to try this one idea I have kicking around! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  25. I haven’t made an improv quilt yet! Awesome items in the giveaway! Enjoy your day!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  26. Although I have not made an improv style quilt, my work with textiles leads me to adapt and experiment with the materials at hand. Th e Yukata cottons are inspiring designs and they beg for different approaches than typical American quilt blocks. Look forward to Pat’s book and learning.

  27. I’ve never made an entire quilt using improv, but I’ve done smaller pieces. Thanks for the great giveaway. Love her blog and Okanarts shop. She has some amazing fabrics. grinnie1961 at gmail dot com

  28. I love making improv quilts! My most recent finish was improv, and I have a few more current improv WIPs
    drlbennett at gmail dot com

  29. I’ve only briefly experimented with improv, mainly because it turned out so badly! I think I’m too much of a perfectionist to work without a pattern, hopefully this book can help me change that.

  30. I have not done improv quilting before, it kind of scares me it would be interesting to read this book and maybe give it a try. grecomara at gmail dot com

  31. I haven’t made an improv quilt yet but ideas are swimming in my mind..other commitments seems to limit what I do. As I love Japanese fabrics and patterns this book might just be what I need. thanks for the oportunity to win it

  32. I have not made any improv quilts. I like to control the end product! It would be good to step out of that comfort zone.

  33. I’m working on one now! I picked up some vintage Kimono fabric and I’m trying my hand at some Sashiko hand stitching. I’m not quite sure where it’s going, but I’m open to the creative process. I figure I can always make some decorative pillows out of it if I don’t like it on a larger scale. 🙂

  34. I have not attempted an improv quilt…yet. Not truly sure where I would even begin with this art form. I may have to sit down with a granddaughter or two and let them go at it! Kids have a way of just making freeform look so fun.

  35. I always improv quilt backs out of spare blocks and left overs and typically mix in a new blender or two. It’s so fun!
    Funny though I rarely improv on the main part of the quilt. I stick to the pattern!! Maybe i’ll need to add some improv to the front of a quilt soon.

  36. The most improv I have done is making a slew of string blocks from scraps and then putting them together into a top. Aside from that I usually make quilts from patterns.

  37. I have not made an improv quilt yet. I’ve tried making improv blocks and can’t seem to get beyond that. This book looks amazing.

  38. I am new to quilting so I have done a few accidental “patterns-turned-improv” and a few small improv blocks for pencil cases, tablet pouches, hot mats, etc.

    I cannot stand to throw away fabric, so I have also string-pieced scraps (or wonky, too-small blocks) into a coordinating pillowcase (the ‘cuff’ portion) or throw pillow cover.


  39. I love your podcast! Yes I enjoy making improv quilts. I am currently making miniature quilts using small scraps. My inspiration is from Victoria Findlay’s Wole’s latest book called Modern Quilt Magic. Would love to win the giveaway. Thank you

  40. I am starting to get a little more courageous and try new techniques in quilting. It’s out of my comfort zone, but I’m working at it!

  41. I am still working on improving my skills with mini quilts. The different binding technique intrigues me. Thanks for a great giveaway. Love your podcasts, they brighten up my work day and I often listen to them twice so I don’t miss something.

  42. I have not made any improv quilts but after seeing Patricia at Quilt Market, I’m so excited and inspired to do it!

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