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Say hello to Rossie Hutchinson who blogs at Fresh Modern Quilts. I so enjoyed chatting with Rossie on episode 13 of the Modern Sewciety podcast. She is a modern quilter that loved sharing her passion about the modern movement with community. She teaches classes at Pink Castle Fabrics and she also has an etsy shop selling plexiglass resists in a variety of shapes. Let’s check out some of her work.

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I am always intrigued by Rossie’s post about quilting. She really shares how she feels about this modern movement. I think there is so much talk with judgement about what it is and what it isn’t. I loved her recent post about the quilt she made for the Modern Quilt Guild‘s challenge. (Rossie is a member of the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild) You can check out that post HERE. I love love love this quilt and I am not at all a fan of zombies or anything like that, I am a super scaredy cat, but it is so traditional but the fabrics make it so modern. I love the dark triangles going around the edges. I love the colors. I really like it and think she did a fabulous job.

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She also has an etsy shop selling plexiglass resists. You can clamp resists on fabric and use bleach or dye to change the way the fabric looks. She has some examples on her blog and also you can check out her etsy shop as well where she sells a big variety of shapes and sizes. I mentioned on the podcast I think this would be so much fun to do with kids. It would be so much fun to let them alter the fabric in such a permanent way.

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I also mentioned how cute her studio was on the podcast. It is in the Pink Castle Fabric building which is a quilters dream I think. I think she has such a cute and functional space.

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She was recently published in Best Modern Quilts. I love this quilt that was on the COVER! How cool is that?!?!?!?! I love half square triangles but Rossie didn’t always have that love for them. I am glad she came around because they are fabulous. She named the quilt Prill after a friend, gotta love that!

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And the Flyers Quilt is a beginners class she teaches. I love that as a beginner you can make a quilt that looks so awesome. I love it. I really think this is one cool quilt and I love that this one is made in Anna Maria Horner fabrics. We all know I love her.

I hope you take a minute to check out r0ssie’s blog. <——— Did you see that??? She puts a 0 instead of an O. so clever.

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