Podcast Episode 001: interviewing Katie from Katie’s Quilting Corner



Today’s episode is an interview with Katie from Katie’s Quilting Corner, a 30 something crafter who fell in love with sewing in 2010 and the rest is history. Katie has a great blog about her sewing adventures featuring her projects, classes she is teaching and attending, podcasts, patterns, and most importantly her three corgi children. She is an avid quilting and also loves to machine embroider. We chatted about how she got started sewing and blogging, some projects she is working on, what she is teaching currently, and what she has planned for the future. Please join us as we get to know Katie a little bit better.







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9 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 001: interviewing Katie from Katie’s Quilting Corner

  1. There are a number of regular quilting podcasters out there:
    Quilting for the Rest of Us
    The Off-Kilter Quilt
    Quilting Radio
    Crafty Garden Mom
    Lazy Daisy Quilts
    Hip To Be a Square
    Canadian Quilt Talk
    The Quiltcast
    Within A Quarter Inch
    There are a few others, but these are your consistent ones….usually weekly, but you can download all their podcasts and listen.
    Welcome to podcasting. I look forward to hearing your podcasting contribution.

  2. I have just found your podcasts, you’ll be my first download, but I’m wondering if I can get these earlier ones from the podcast app. They seem to start at jan this year and I’d love to start listening from the beginning. Thanks so much, really excited.

  3. I listened for the first time this morning and of course I started with episode 1 (what else would my OCD allow :-). I will certainly continue to listen. Kati is great. Back when I was podcasting she was crucial in helping me getting started. Life got in my way and I had to step back for a while. Maybe some day I will restart but in the meantime I will listen to people like you. So glad I found you. Off to work where I continue on to Episode 2.

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