MS episode 014:: Lindsay of Pen and Paint


One thought on “MS episode 014:: Lindsay of Pen and Paint

  1. As always, I loved the podcast. I loved listening to two Southern women this time!

    I do wish there was an obvious link to Lindsay’s site here. I can find it myself easy enough, but since I read your blog in my reader to remind me to check out the sites of the people you interview, it’d be easier if the link was right there for me.

    Also, I’d love to hear more about your life! I know you have lots of people lined up, and the interviews have to be posted in a timely fashion since they talk about what’s coming up for them (which I love!) so you can’t do the every other episode format you mentioned in one of the first episodes, but a little bit before or after the interview about what you’ve been up to would be fabulous! We’ve gotten to know so many people you’ve interviewed, but let us get to know you, too!

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