MS episode 023:: Liesl from Oliver + S and Jacqueline from Soak Wash


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3 thoughts on “MS episode 023:: Liesl from Oliver + S and Jacqueline from Soak Wash

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I just found out about your podcast when Liesel Gibson posted about the episode that you did with her. I listened to your first episode, which was a fabulous interview with Katie from Katie’s Quilting Corner. I was a little confused by the podcast, though. I didn’t find any introductory or bio information on the podcast or on your blog or that I heard on the podcast and I wondered if you did an intro episode telling more about why you podcast, why you started your podcast, your sewing background, etc? I may not have gotten to it yet, but would like to know more about you. Thank you for your time and energy putting the podcast together.


    1. Thanks so much for listening. I have some information about me and the podcast on my about page and chat some about why I podcast on some of the first episodes.

  2. Just listened to this episode and now I want to go make garments and wash them in Soak!!! Thanks so much for interviewing these two ladies.

    I like the length of your podcast. I just pause when I need to and continue on later. Yes, sometimes I have to go back to figure out where I am, but using the controls on my iPod or in itunes is not a problem. Keep doing what you are doing. Thanks!

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