MS episode 037:: Anna Maria Horner, Christa Watson, & Holly DeGroot


Bijou Lovely – Holly’s website

Christa’s Shop 

Pen&Paint printable – the back to school printable that I mentioned

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3 thoughts on “MS episode 037:: Anna Maria Horner, Christa Watson, & Holly DeGroot

  1. I really like your podcast and your interview with Christa and Anna Maria. I had looked at Christa’s site, but I loved hearing her story. It was great to catch up iwth Anna Maria as I listened to her two interviews on CraftSanity, which really gives good background on her life. I am pleased at how her business is developing and I appreciated it that you included her in your episode. I felt a little bit like one of the girls on the outside of the cool kids when you were talking with Holly because you talked about people that I didn’t know, such as ‘Anna’. Since you didn’t say her (and the other last names), I couldn’t look them up on the web and I didn’t see references to them on your episode post. I would really appreciate it if 1)you put links or images up to the things you talk about or 2) say last names or lines of fabric (e.g. Leah Duncan – I have never heard of her before and wasn’t sure what lines you meant). I know it is more work but I don’t like feeling like I am outside the candy store with no money. Also, you don’t need to apologize all the time about having a life. I just appreciate the time you take to podcast and am glad whenever you put up an episode. Thanks.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with your podcast. You ask great questions and have created an insightful, thought provoking conversations for your “fans” to listen to. I an “art quilter” and create most of my fiber and fabrics. Currently I show in three galleries. I had let the “modern” side of quilting and fabric side on by/buy. Until I heard your doing on the new to me fabric designers. I am now awaiting every Allison Glass fabric and print I could find. Time to make some quilts with these great prints.
    I also bought Heather Ross’s book and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for introducing me to these lovely ladies and the fine work they do! Shelly Beth from the coast of Texas in Rockport.

  3. Christa. I have followed you for a while. Like before Craftsy. When you purchased you new 700 Bernina. I’m using 1530. I want to purchase a sewing machine , without embroidery attachment. I like to quilt my one quilts. What do you suggest. I like to sew. What kind of table do you sew on I have your quilting book Help

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