MS episode 043:: Melly Sews & Quiltcon week 3



The podcast to hear the stories of the sewing and creating community.

Andrew’s flickr group with last year’s Quiltcon pictures – Jen’s website


5 thoughts on “MS episode 043:: Melly Sews & Quiltcon week 3

  1. Hey Stephanie! Just heard your new podcast recorded on your brand new mic and it sounds awesome! Your other mic was not terrible, this one is just more clear and crisp. Listening to your recent Quiltcon topic podcasts make me Wish I could travel to Quiltcon and Quilt Market soooooo bad! However, I am going to Sewtopia in Chicago next Spring…woohoo! Keep the great podcasts coming. LOVE THEM!

  2. That is really funny about you getting your own age wrong! You got me laughing all alone in my office here.. Was just getting sleepy this after lunch and thought I’d listen to some musics, but hey, I just remembered, might just listen to your podcast – since I love getting more inspiration when I am having a “break”… thanks for entertaining and for your lovely podcast!

  3. Hey!
    Just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I love your podcast!! I love your unrehearsed style and the feeling of a conversation rather than an interview. I’ve been listening like crazy. Laughing and being inspired, by you and them 🙂
    One of my favourite facets of your show is the combination of quilting, design, garment sewing and other niches. It’s a wonderful window into the industry as a whole.
    Also you got me on Instagram…. Lol.
    Thanks for all your time and please please keep em coming!

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