MS episode 047:: Jennifer Mathis & Tilly Walnes



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In celebration of the release of Tilly’s book in the USA leave a comment letting me know your favorite thing on Tilly’s site! I will pick a winner to win their very own copy on November 3rd!

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Emerald you are the winner and I emailed you:) Congrats.


27 thoughts on “MS episode 047:: Jennifer Mathis & Tilly Walnes

  1. OH. MY. GOSH. My mouth dropped open when I saw that you have Tilly on today! I’ve been following her blog obsessively, just got her book last week, and am wearing my Coco dress right now! Whaaaattt?
    I am so stoked to listen to this podcast! THANKS STEPHANIE!!
    Oh, favorite thing on Tilly’s blog – the whole Learn To Sew section! It’s been invaluable to me!

  2. I am so excited to listen to this episode! I love Tilly! I loved her on the great British sewing bee and ordered the UK edition of her book just to get my hands on it faster. You seriously always have the best guests, I can’t wait to listen while I work on some special dresses this week 🙂

  3. I love Tilly! I subscribe to her site via bloglovin. Her Mathilda blouse is on my to-do list. Can’t wait to listen to this podcast. Since I usually listen on my commute to work, I guess this means I can’t wait to go to work 🙂 Thank you, Stephanie!

  4. My fave thing in Tilly’s site is her post on her favorite 1980’s patterns. I love 80’s fashion! Too bad I wasn’t around to enjoy it when it first happened. So excited at the chance of winning her lovely book!

  5. The clothing looks cute (thought I’m too scared to try sewing clothes!!!) but I think my favorite are the group sewing studio shots — it looks so fun to sew there. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  6. Thanks so much for interviewing Tilly on your podcast–she is such an inspiration. My favorite part of her blog is the Learn to Sew section–practically perfect for beginners like me!

  7. My favorite part of Tilly’s site is the maker gallery. I love seeing all the different looks people get fro the same patterns. I also remember Tilly from series 1 of The Great British Sewing Bee. I gobbled it all up in one afternoon. Would love to see the new shows!

  8. I actually found Tilly’s website a few weeks ago searching for garment sewing. I love her style! I’m waiting for a copy of her book to arrive from Interlibrary loan to I can see if I want to buy a copy 🙂

  9. I love that she not only has really cute patterns, but that she often features readers’ results. It’s a great way to get ideas on modifications. Now if only I could get up the nerve to actually try to sew one of the patterns…

  10. I love Tilly and her patterns! Tilly’s blog was one of the first blogs about sewing that I discovered. I love her tutorials in the Learn to Sew section and all of her patterns. As soon as I get my own sewing machine I will make the Miette skirt, the Coco dress, and the Mathilde blouse. I am dying to get her book first to learn and to improve my skills. Tilly makes sewing look very easy and fun!

  11. I loved her idea of using a little vacuum to clean the dusty from inside my sewing machine. I was told by the retailer where I purchased my machine to not use the spray sister as it leaves moister. I have been using a little paint brush. This should work much better. Yeah

  12. I can’t wait to listen. But I had to write first, my favorite thing on Tilly’s site is her “Day in the life” series. My favorites are the indie pattern designers (Grainline, Colette, Victory and so on) since I myself am trying to start my own indie pattern company. It gives me an idea of what it takes to do it. Thanks

  13. I have been a fan of Tilly ever since the first season of Great British Sewing Bee. I somehow was able to watch online and it was so inspiring. Then I found out she had a blog and it is in my bookmarks to check daily for new postings.

    Besides her great looking designs, I really love when she features her favorite vintage patterns. The ones she featured from the 1970s made me pause. The pattern I’d used for my bridesmaid dresses was one of the patterns! I still own the pattern I used to sew my MOH’s dress. There was another pattern for a dress that I had also sewn for myself back in the day.

    I know I am old enough to probably be Tilly’s mother, but I still enjoy the younger and more adventurous styles.

  14. Wow thanks for the giveaway chance! I just love all of Tilly’s blog, but I really love the Watson Jacket she made which she dubbed the Moonrise Kingdom jacket she made a while back.

  15. I’m excited to start listening to the sewciety podcasts! and winning a copy of love at first stitch wouldn’t be too shabby. Thanks!

  16. I’m excited to start listening to the sewciety podcasts! and winning a copy of love at first stitch wouldn’t be too shabby. Hope I’m not too late – Thanks!

  17. I like the Tova blouse. Besides a pair of pajama pants I have never seen clothes. Tilly’s stuff is very cute.

    I also enjoyed hearing from Ellison Lane. My boys just used the trick-or-treat bags I made using her tutorial last year. 🙂

  18. Hi Stephanie,

    I just discovered your pod casts after reading Tilly and the Button’s blog post and I wanted to say that I loved listening to you. After a few months off from sewing, I had a great sewing therapy session last weekend, listening and cutting out pattern pieces. I will be tuning in again! No need to inlcude me in the competition for the book, I already have the UK version and love it.

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