MS episode 050:: BariJ, Pink Fig patterns, & Sew Fab Pattern Sale (winter)


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BariJ’s Emmy Grace collection

Pink Fig’s Blog

Little Seamstress Pattern Club

Pink Fig’s Fabric Collections with Riley Blake

Pink Fig’s Pattern Shop

Kate’s Ruffled Tote – free pattern from Pink Fig’s Ruthie be Maude for Charity

The Southern Instiitute

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The Oily Institute – information on essential oils

2 thoughts on “MS episode 050:: BariJ, Pink Fig patterns, & Sew Fab Pattern Sale (winter)

  1. Bari J is so sweet and down to earth…oh my goodness:) I remember when she was a listener on Talking Tuesdays on twitter a couple years ago. Wish her all the best! I agree about having her designs on ceramic items too…ack!!

  2. Stephanie, I am enjoying catching up on earlier podcasts. I like the questions you ask the guests about how they came to be where they are, about their sewing spaces and a favorite tool. May I suggest you tell them it cannot be their rotary cutter, ruler or sewing machine? Then we will get more ideas ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, you mention in this episode I think, how much we all enjoy learning about each other’s sewing spaces. I totally agree and would love this to be a reoccurring question, if you think it would be good.

    In this podcast, you mentioned a person/site who sells great knit fabrics and for the life of me I cannot remember who it was. Is my question ringing any bells?

    If I ever come to Florida, I plan to reach out and see if you want to sew together for a bit. I agree with you, being with people why ‘get us’ is so much fun!

    in Seattle, WA

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