MS episode 069 b-side:: chatting with Christopher, The Tattooed Quilter

Warning:: The audio quality isn’t good for this episode… I apologize. I promise we will do better next time.Sewcietybside

The Tattooed Quilter website

The Sewing Party

Mini Quilt Swaps::

Schnitzel and Boo – round 4

Heather Ross Mini

Cotton and Steel

Alison Glass Mini 

Love Wins Mini 

Missouri Star Quilt Company


Color Series by V and Co. (the link is for red but amazon has all of the colors)

School of Sewing

Modern Rainbow

Patchwork City

You Inspire me to Quilt

Gertie’s New Fashion Sketchbook

Quilt Local 

Handmade Style 

Crinkle Love Store

Angela Walters Store

Pins and Needles NYC

One thought on “MS episode 069 b-side:: chatting with Christopher, The Tattooed Quilter

  1. I just recently found your podcast (heard you on Katie’s Quilting Corner) and listened to all you podcasts starting at the very beginning….got all the way through and you were gone…aahhh!!! LOL Totally understand why you took the time off…gotta enjoy those times with the kiddo’s while you can… Believe me they will be grown up before you know it…..But soooo glad your back… You are my favorite quilting podcaster….You give a lot of great content…the interviews are always interesting….You have definitely have found your calling. Keep up the good work! Just wanted to say thank you for a great podcast!

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