MS episode 077:: Lecien Fabrics, Christa Watson, Husqvarna Viking Epic


Lecien Fabrics website

flower sugar fabric line

Lecien Fall Market 2015 lookbook


Christa Quilts

Machine Quilting with Style 

Christa’s patterns

Christa’s Amazon shop – fabrics, patterns, thread, and more!

Christa on craftsy


Husqvarna Viking Epic

Husqvarna Viking Epic youtube video

Find a Husqvarna Viking dealer

4 thoughts on “MS episode 077:: Lecien Fabrics, Christa Watson, Husqvarna Viking Epic

  1. Stephanie: I enjoy your podcast so much and feel like I have a friend in the room when I listen to you. After working with the cardiologists at the University of Michigan for the last eight years I really want to encourage you to see a cardiology specialist. Believe me there is someone at your nearest academic cardiology office that will know what is going on with you and can guide you to appropriate treatment to address your symptoms. Please take care – Jill G.

  2. I love listening to the Modern Society podcast, but had to stop tonight and thank you for this particular broadcast. I just bought Christa’s book while listening. I’ve recently “met” Christa through social media and this sounds like the perfect book to help me branch out of garment and handbag sewing into a bit of quilting. I’ve had a B&N gift card since last Christmas – but now it’s spent. I always enjoy listening, and just wanted to say, “thanks!”

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