MS episode 101:: Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville

Bonnie Hunter podcast episode 101

NOTE:: We survived Hurricane Matthew with little damage. Thanks for checking on us.

Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville Website

Bonnie’s Addicted to Scraps


Bonnie’s Essential Triangle Ruler

essential triangle ruler

Bonnie’s Live Quiltcam

Bonnie’s Calendar

Bonnie’s Tips and Tricks

Bonnie’s Craftours

10 thoughts on “MS episode 101:: Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville

  1. I enjoyed the podcast with Bonnie Hunter. I have been sewing over 50 years, and my most valuable friendships have been formed in this quilting community. I also feel very close to Bonnie , she takes me traveling to places in the world, will sew with me daily via quilt cam reruns, gives me a thought process outside my currant circumstance, and helps put a positive spin on daily life.

  2. Big Bonnie fan. Enjoyed the podcast. Took a two day class with her last year and despite a migraine I still went and still had a great time.

  3. I came to your podcast from Bonnie’s blog. I really enjoyed your visit with her. I am going to be meeting her for the first time next month in Idaho. While on vacation Bonnie will be only a couple hrs drive from where we will be, so my DH said to sign up for the class. I am so looking forward to meeting her.

    I really like your podcast. Yours is the first one that I have every listened to. You do an excellent job of keeping the conversation flowing and I really enjoy listening to you talk. Keep up the good work, Stephanie! You have a gift for this. God’s blessings to you and yours. Happy quilting, Cindy aka Quilted Drummer

  4. Thank you for inviting Bonnie Hunter to be a speaker. I follow her blog & she is so inspiring. I agree with you, I love everything about her. She truely contributions sew much to the quilting world! Now I look forward to following you podcast! Happy quilting!

  5. I enjoyed your chat with Bonnie Hunter. I really identify with what you both said about those of us who are isolated and the need for community with other quilters.

  6. I am a new listener…found you from Bonnie’s post about her talk with you. I listened to the two most recent podcasts while I sewed this morning. I am probably one of the older listeners. I just retired after teaching school for 40 years. I enjoyed the shows I heard today. Thanks!

  7. I’m a new listener. Needed something to grade papers by! At the end, you said something I sew by- by the time you quilt it and wash it, those little errors can’t be seen anymore! Enjoyed this very much! And yes, getting together with other quilters gives us such get opportunities to learn new things and feel validated in our crazy love of sewing and fabric !

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