MS episode 105:: Gotham Quilts

podcast episode 105  gotham quilts

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3 thoughts on “MS episode 105:: Gotham Quilts

  1. I just started listening to your podcasts and thought to comment because that is what I love to see when I posted something. Found the podcasts through Emily’s (#106) Instagram post and started with that one. Enjoyed it and clicked this one 🙂 It was such a nice coincidence – I am visiting New York in May 17 and enjoyed the idea to visit 🙂 I’ll click around some more… Best wished from Germany

  2. Thank you for your podcast, Stephanie. I love it! All your guests are so interesting. I discovered you through Abby G. I retired about six months ago after a full-time 31-year career with the federal government in Washington DC and began quilting for my county’s Project Linus chapter, almost full-time (6 hours a day). Ha, ha, I still have to do housework, cook, run errands, etc., so am not able to devote 8 hours to quilting as I had originally hoped. Still I am grateful for the 6 I can devote to it. When my kids were growing up (they are 24 and 22 years old now and living on their own out west), I was frustrated that I could only quilt on the weekends. And yes, I did feel some guilt that I didn’t spend more time with them. But guess what, now they appreciate my hobby and my volunteer work. Over the years, my daughter has asked me to make quilts for her friends. Recently I made pet blankets for her boyfriend’s cat and dog. My 84-year-old mother has even put orders for me to make quilts for her neighbors and relatives! So my “little” quilting hobby has served my family and community in so many ways. Sewing and quilting podcasts like yours continue to inspire and motivate me

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