MS episode 108:: Abby Glassenberg & Rachel Felix

abby glassenberg rachel felix


While She Naps

Craft Industry Alliance

Crafter’s Market – The DIY resource for Creating a Successful & Profitable Craft Business

Abby’s ebook on Newsletters

Podcast – Ted Talks

Me Undies – My all time favorite undies (affiliate link)

Melissa’s moon quilt that was in the Hoffman Booth – photo credit from Quilting Mod

melissa aversions moon quilt

Amy Lynn Andrews’ Useletter

Carolyn Friedlander

Looby Lu – Small Batch List

Simple Pin Media

Sew Sweetness

Wonky Press

Gotham Quilts

Fancy Tiger Crafts

Ann Friedman


Maker Style

This American Life

Elise Gets Crafty

Jess Lively

While She Naps


Indie Sew

Ada Spragg

4 thoughts on “MS episode 108:: Abby Glassenberg & Rachel Felix

  1. Raising funds – have you checked Patreon? I find it ironic that there is a large sense of appreciation of people giving info for free, sharing for free in a discussion that includes charging for your podcast. I think something like Patreon is ideal for me as a listener. I agree to pay anywhere from 1 to 5$ a month for a couple of podcast that I enjoy. No muss, no fuss, everyone decides how much the podcast is worth to them and how much they can afford. Just some thoughts

  2. I completely understand the need for monitizing. I wish there were grants, etc. for blogs that give so much to quilters. I listen to many podcasts as I don’t have others quilters or a quilt guild in my area. Since I listen to so many, it will be difficult for me to pick and choose which ones bring me the most value as I wouldn’t be able to pay $ to listen to every one I do now.

    Thank you for thinking so seriously about what charging for podcasts will do to those of us on fixed incomes or low incomes.


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