MS episode 112:: The Fold Line

episode 112 the fold line

I love the creatives in our industry that see something missing and fill that gap. The online duo, Rachel and Kate, from The Fold Line did just that. They saw something they wanted and decided to build an online pattern database with loads of resources, patterns, and information. It is like a one stop awesome shop for anything garment sewing and it is so simple to use. I chatted with Kate, as Rachel is still rocking a job elsewhere, about how it all started,  some of the pros and cons to tackling a dream like this, and what they have to offer their users. And Kate’s voice is so soothing to me which made it even a cooler chat. I hope you will tune in and be inspired just like I am.

The Fold Line

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Kate’s suggestions::

How I Built This


Elise Gets Crafty

Abby Glassenberg

Meighan O’Toole

Hawthorne Threads

One thought on “MS episode 112:: The Fold Line

  1. Kind of new to sewing, kind of new to podcasts, and this episode (112) blew my mind. Very excited to have found your podcast and can’t wait to explore The Fold Line. I also didn’t realize podcasters paid any attention to comments. Your podcast taught me so much today!

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