MS episode 114 – Melody Miller of Cotton + Steel

ep114artThe reason I love this podcast so much is the ability to the hear stories of others. I don’t think I will ever tire of talking and chatting about how life has its up and downs but it is how we all get through it that speaks volumes. I couldn’t have been happier when Melody said she would come on the podcast to chat with me about Cotton + Steel, the company she and her fellow designers built. It is like the coolest sewing related episode of How I Built This! Melody saw something in herself and her art to really pave a new creative path for her life. She opens up about the struggles, the doubts, as well as the triumphs and perks of paving your own creative path in an industry that can be reluctant to change. This is an interview you won’t want to miss. It is just so packed with information, inspiration, and pure awesomeness.

Melody Miller of Cotton + Steel

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6 thoughts on “MS episode 114 – Melody Miller of Cotton + Steel

  1. I was able to listen to this podcast without problems …. only one that was split was the one with Chris.

    I must have missed the name but you and Melody kept talking about a machine and I could not figure out what brand machine … got the brands of fabric & then later the thread….. but I could not figure out what brand of machine you two were talking about.


    loving the podcast …. especially since I am using it for NO QUILT CON SEW IN ….

  2. The podcast was “one-sided” for me too. Turns out i had to put both headphones in. It happened to me when I was listening to Elizabeth Hartman’s. You were in the right and she was in the left lol. Hope this helps someone!

    1. The left-right thing with Elizabeth Hartman happened to me too on my iPhone. I thought there was something wrong with my phone; glad to hear it just wasn’t me!

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