MS episode 115:: #Quiltcon2017 recap with Suzy Quilts

Quiltcon2017 recap with Suzy Quilts

Suzy from Suzy Quilts and I met up in Savannah, Ga to attend #Quiltcon2017. Suzy has attended Quiltcon before but this was my first time. We chat about what we loved and what we wished had been different. We also tell the crazy story of what happened with our airbnb because we hope that it will help others if they are ever in the same situation. We also talk about having a business in the sewing industry. Suzy has been an amazing friend to me since we met and we often talk about business. Okay we talk about business all of the time and I wanted to share some of our chat with you as well. It is an episode packed with so much great information.

Modern Sewciety Facebook (look for the live videos I did at Quiltcon)

Folk Fibers

Amy Butler (her latest issue #4 has an awesome coupon code)

Art Gallery Fabrics

Hoffman Fabrics

Shelley Brooks Quilts on instagram

Minimal Triangles Quilt Pattern (Suzy Quilts)

Quilting Jet Girl Triangle Calculator

Suzy Quilts City Series – Nashville is first on the list

3 thoughts on “MS episode 115:: #Quiltcon2017 recap with Suzy Quilts

  1. I really enjoy the podcast and your interviews. I think your disappointment in QuiltCon may lie in the fact that it is not Market and it is not meant to be and your expectations may have been misplaced. Market is for industry insiders and is all business. This is for the general modern community- regular folks for whom their only agenda is to connect and learn. As regular as you are as a member of this community, you are trying to do something at QuiltCon that is not consistent with the mission of QuiltCon. People come to take classes from experts, see Modern Quilts, and enjoy the vendors that serve this community. It’s not meant be to serve the insiders for the purpose of them to connect on the fly. This format is common at most conventions that serve any quilting community at large- Quilt Festival, Road to California, and more all follow this format for the communities they serve. The class formats fit a need- long formats are meant to serve really focused learning because 6 h classes were not cutting it for those paying for the experience. I realize that the layout of the venue contributed somewhat to different areas not mingling than at other locations but the segregation serves a purpose. Frankly, I’d be angry if the expert from whom I was taking a class was being interrupted on that expert’s break from class by those who did not sign up for the class unless it was “okay” with them. This time is precious and they need their “me time” on a busy weekend, to go to the bathroom or eat lunch, for example. If experts are not out on the floor at exhibits or vendor booths, then there is a reason. I will note, most teachers I’ve met are willing to meet up if anyone gets in touch with them in advance but honestly, it is short weekend and there is only so much time.

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