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I love talking to creatives that find what they really love doing with their skills. Kristy and Nissa are the team that wants to help you have the best patterns, books, and photography in your business. They know what will sell in this industry and they will help you get an online visual identity like no other. I loved chatting with them on how Page + Pixel started, what they learned along the way, and what they want to help you do in the future. They are such a powerhouse of talent and I seriously can’t wait to see their work evolve for years to come. Their Page + Pixel toolbox will be so so cool to use in your own business and there is so much more to come. These ladies want to help you look your best online and I can’t wait for you to hear this chat. Sewing has never looked so good. Click on the link to listen.
Kirsty sent me the information on Amy Gibson’s book, Quilt Block Cookbook, we chatted about::
Styling and Photography: Page + Pixel
Book Design: Rae Ann Spitzenberger

4 thoughts on “MS episode 117:: Page + Pixel

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this episode! As a Graphic Designer it was SEW cool to hear from ladies who are merging the two fields together! As always thank you for the inspirational podcast!!

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