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episode 122 art michelle bartholomew

Stephanie Kendron chats with Michelle Bartholomew about all things sewing. I met Michelle in real life at Quiltcon in Savannah, Ga this year. A group of us met up at an oyster bar one night and Michelle tried oysters for the first time. I am not lying when I say there were so many laughs that night mixed with a lot of quilt talk. I invited Michelle on to talk about her adventure into pattern design for her own brand and collaborating with friends in the industry for Quilt Theory. I also ask a ton of questions about her tiny house that she used to call home, her fabric stash, and her favorite newsletters. You won’t want to miss this episode.

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Newsletters Michelle mentioned

I was recently featured on Michelle’s newsletter (below) which was so much fun. You can check out that particular newsletter HERE

half square newsletter

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Abby Glassenberg

Shannon Fraser of S/F Designs 

Being Boss


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  1. Hi Stephanie, thanks for a freak podcast with Michelle. I’ve been wanting to take up sewing garments again for awhile. Now I have a local source for classes in my area. It was great to see you at QulitCon. Mary

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