MS episode 123:: MY side – Stephanie Kendron chats with her IRL friends


I have had this idea on my heart for a long time and I am so excited to finally publish the first episode of a new series. I want to show more of my side, my real life other than sewing, on weekly chats with my dear friends about every day life topics. I have three childhood friends who I still text, call, and hang out with on a regular basis. We are all different in many ways but we really value and cherish those differences. We are also so similar too which is the thread that brings us together as well. I will have each of the ladies on to discuss one topic and once they have all talked about it with me then we will move onto another topic. I love how you will hear each of their thoughts, stories, and commonalities on each topic. We will laugh, cry, agree, and probably disagree but my hope is to celebrate our friendship. I want to share the legacies of these amazing women with you dear listeners. Click on the link to meet my friend January and listen to our chat. Our topic is:: What it feels like to be almost 40 and finally trusting your heart and intuition.

All of the things we mentioned in the podcast is right here to make it easy peasy for you to enjoy the chat.

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