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My Podcast started as simply my dream to bring our sewing community together.  My initial goal was to provide a mechanism that would allow us, the sewing community, to share our unique and entertaining stories. And in sharing these stories, I hoped that we could entertain, inform and encourage one another in our shared loved of sewing.

From the beginning, my goal was always to be inclusive. Aware that many of us in the sewing community aren’t able to attend quilt markets, sewing retreats, guild meetings or other similar events. I envisioned my Podcast as a means to allow us all to learn more about each other and to discover events and services available to us in the sewing community.

I assumed many in the sewing community, like myself, have limited budgets. So I have never asked my listeners to pay for my Podcast episodes. Although I did solicit limited sponsors, I did so carefully, not wanting to pollute the Podcast with too many advertisements.

But like most worthwhile ventures, my Podcast takes time and resources to produce a Podcast worthy of your precious time. In order for me to continue to produce my Podcast funding is necessary. After careful consideration, I have made the decision to continue this work by requesting pledges. Pledges ensure that nobody is left out because of limited resources, and pledges allow me to continue my practice of limited sponsorship and advertisements.

I very much want to continue my Podcast as well as expand and improve its content and availability. My future goals include venturing out to the road and recording my Podcast in sewing venues. And I would like to move in the direction of other media channels such as video.

I ask you to consider making a pledge, and, in doing so, partner with me to build the Modern Sewciety Community.

I thank you in advance for your consideration, support and your pledges. Together we can join together in the Modern Sewciety Community to continue our shared love — the joy of sewing.

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