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The Stych

I thought I would do something different with my weekly newsletter this week. I love sharing my newsletter picks each week – it is my sunshine to my subscribers. So welcome if you are new here and welcome if you are coming over from your weekly email.

This week has been full of wishy washy for me. I have this gut feeling that I am going in the right direction but where I am going is fuzzy. These are the things I know lately and get ready because they are random so hang with me:

  1. I know the book is something that I have to do and I have imposed a deadline on myself to have the proposal ready to send out by Sept. 1. I have asked several close colleagues to look it over before I officially send it out. I have worked on one project for that this week but I think it could have been more.
  2. I know the podcast is something I feel compelled to do. I think it is a gift I really enjoy sending out into the world. I actually wish it was easier to make money with it. That will happen – I feel it. I am not letting go of what I feel in my heart on this.
  3. I know this community is filled with some of the coolest people on the planet. They make the world a better place with their creativity and kindness. It is humbling.
  4. I have the best listeners a girl could ever ask for. I have gotten some of the sweetest comments, messages, and emails this week that made me smile. My heart filled up with happiness. I am truly blessed.

We all have seasons in life and I am in a listening season. I am okay with that and I think being quiet and listening is an important part of the creative process. I wonder how much easier this quiet time was before so many distractions like technology. If only my grandma was around to have a chat with on the screened porch.

One distraction that is welcome around my house is talking about the Total Solar Eclipse. My husband took the day off and the kids were home so we could all watch it. We were in 88% totality and it was really cool. I think my husband and I were the most excited about it, lol. On a completely different note, we visited with friends from England that were in town and now my kids and I are all chatty in our British accents. So, as you can imagine, we are just a crazy crowd this week.

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On to the links:: (I had to include some eclipse stuff but I promise only this one time!)


spoonflower eclipse winner

Spoonflower recently had a competition for the eclipse and I have to admit the winner is hands down amazing. I love how organic the shapes are with the whimsy of the dotted lines. It is the perfect fabric to celebrate such a special occasion.

Have you ever considered participating in a Spoonflower design challenge? It is such a cool way to showcase your creativity.

Free Tutorial (from me!)::

Modern Ditty Bag Promo

I couldn’t be more excited to tell you all about my FREE tutorial, Modern Ditty Bag, on the Janome blog. I even have a video to explain some of the process. I had so much fun dreaming up this bag and tell you all about my inspiration. I have many more in the works. My mom has requested I cut her bag out this weekend which will be fun. She loves to sew but prefers I do all of the cutting and measuring. lol

Use the #moderndittybag when you make and post your very own bag. I can’t wait to see what you make.

For Him::

eclipse t-shirt

My husband and I are huge fans of comfy t-shirts especially ones that have a design that means something to me. I do wear my Netflix and Quilt shirt every other day… no judging! I will be surprising my husband with this special shirt I discovered on Etsy from BlackBird Supply. It seems that Beatles song has been on a rotation on my Amazon Prime station so maybe it was all meant to be. I love when things like this happen.



bespokeoutlaw instagram

I recently found the account of @bespokeoutlaw and I am in love. Such a sweet feed with so many cute projects. I love following accounts that inspire me to want to go sit at my machine and sew sew sew.


instant pot roast

I so enjoy my readers sending me suggestions to share. Kelly from Sulky Threads shared this recipe for Mississippi Coke Roast for the Instant Pot. I have made a version of this roast and it is so yummy. The peppers add something so special to this recipe. If you have a recipe you think should be featured let me know… I just might share it too!


Love to sew podcast

The Fold Line mentioned a new podcast in their amazing newsletter this week and I knew I had to share as well. It is called Love to Sew with Helen Wilkinson of Blackbird Fabrics and Caroline Somos of Helen’s Closet. You are going to love this podcast so so much. I hope I can talk them into coming on the Modern Sewciety podcast to get to know them a little more.

crafty planner podcast

I also have a new podcast episode up with Sandi from The Crafty Planner! Seriously so excited to have Sandi on for a chat. Check it out episode 128!



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NOTE:: There are affiliate links in this post. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you



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  1. So enjoy the Stych!❤️ Love the peek into the life of such a creative lady and awesome quilter! Love the IP recipe…will have to try it! Have a great Labor Day Weekend! ❤️

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