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episode 118 melissa mendez design studio

MS episode 118:: Melissa Mendez Design Studio

Following your heart can be risky sometimes but Melissa Mendez did just that when she decided to leave the corporate world to go out on her own. I so enjoyed chatting with Melissa about all things business and patterns. I have always wanted to know more about designing clothing patterns because it looks so difficult to me. I enjoyed hearing Melissa’s process and also how she could helps any listeners who want to have their own pattern line. I am not the best at writing patterns and working on the technical part of things but that is where someone like Melissa could help. She also has a great podcast I think you will enjoy as well. Click on the link to listen to this episode.


MS episode 034:: Heather Bailey, Kelle Boyd, Tamara Kate Serrao, & Modern Prairie Sewing





Find a sneak of momentum, Heather’s new fashion collection, on Heather’s instagram feed: @heatherbailey

Below is the screen shot of Heather. I don’t usually record the podcast with video. We ended up having problems on video with Skype and went to audio only but it was fun to say hi.


MS episode 032:: Grainline Studio, Savor Each Stitch, Little Quilts, Birch Fabrics

This episode is packed full of inspiration from leaders in the sewing industry. I chat with Jenn from Grainline Studios about what it is like building a clothing pattern business. I loved talking with Carolyn Friedlander about her debut book, Savor Each Stitch. Sarah Fielke is always full of colorful quilts and great techniques. And the gals from Birch Fabric chat all about how the company came to be and why they focus on organic fabrics. Click on the link to check out the chat.


MS episode 020:: Jeni Baker and SewOk

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