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cheryl arkison podcast episode 119

MS episode 119:: Cheryl Arkison

Cheryl Arkison is someone I could chat with all day long about sewing, quilting, fabric, family, and how I love warm weather and she loves cold weather. She just inspires me to look at my process and think about it in a new way. We chat about her new fabric line with Connecting Threads called Tag. She also shares why she thinks her time in the morning being creative helps her to stay creative even when she may want to take a break. I need to adopt her process in some way because I think it would help me to stay in the creative zone. I tend to stray sometimes and getting back on track can be difficult. I wanted to know all about her process of sorting scraps. We really just had a great chat and I can’t wait for you to listen. Cheryl always has some great tips and advice. Click on the link to listen.


MS episode 097:: Suzy Quilts

Suzy Quilts Suzy Quilts on instagram Suzy Quilts on YouTube Suzy Quilts on Pinterest Suzy Quilts Shop Suzy Quilts FREE patterns Suzy Quilt tutorials My favorite Suzy Quilts pattern – okay I have more than one favorite! FREE Mod Melon Quilt pattern Propeller Quilt pattern Mayan Mosaic Quilt pattern FREE Warrior Quilt pattern Weekend Candy Quilt – I will be… Read More


MS 075:: Melanie Ham and Rachael from Imagine Gnats

Melanie K Ham Melanie K Ham Instagram Melanie Ham on YouTube Melanie’s tutorials Melanie on Instagram Melanie K Ham Shop Melanie’s Sister-in-Law on YouTube, Rachel Talbott Melanie’s Brother-in-Law, Byron Talbott  —————————- Rachael from Imagine Gnats Imagine Gnats Instagram Imagine Gnats Shop Imagine Gnats Pattern Shop Imagine Gnats tutorials Imagine Gnats Halloween printable   http://media.blubrry.com/modernsewciety/p/traffic.libsyn.com/modernsewciety/MS_episode_075___Melanie_Ham__Rachel_from_Imagine_Gnats.mp3Podcast: Play… Read More